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About Knoifey Spoony

A game in which two competitors compete to see who has the largest knife. The one with the biggest blade wins.

The rules state that at any given time a spoon can be produced after a knife is produced. If you can get the person who produced the spoon to admit that it’s a spoon rather than a knife, you win.

A game where a stranger attempts to fool someone into believing or admitting a spoon is a knife.

You might think you know your knives from your spoons, but there’s only one way to be sure. Let’s play… Knoifey-Spoony.

How To Play

1. Two players choose their “knives.” One knife is, in fact, a spoon.

2. The players present and compare knives. The player with the largest knife is the winner.

3. Alteration: Spoons always beat knives. If one player recognizes that the other player’s knife is, in fact, a spoon, he or she may declare it so and the declarer is automatically the winner.

Classic Episode of knoifey Spoony

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Bart vs. the Australian Man – The Story of ‘The Simpsons’ and the Knifey Spoony Game!

Bart vs. the Australian Man

The scene where the characters play the game, Knifey Spoony is considered as a classic scene in the whole of the cartoon series. If you are getting to know to about the game and the cartoon for the first time, which is totally impossible, we are discussing here what is the game all about and who these characters are.

Bart vs. the Australian Man

The Simpsons:

The Simpsons is an American animated sitcom. It was created by Matt Groening for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The series is a satirical representation of the American Culture, society, and the human condition. It pictures the life of the working class of the American community. Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie are the characters involved in the plot. The sitcom was first aired on the television in the year 1989 on the 17th day of December. It is currently airing the 28th season of the series. It is the longest – running sitcom in the history of American television.


The drama takes place in an imaginary town in America called the Springfield. As stated earlier there are 5 main characters, Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. These main characters make up a family, around which the sitcom revolves. It talks about the ups, downs, the good and the bad moments the family experiences primarily due to the framework of the typical working class culture that prevails in America. There are also a lot of other supporting characters that play a role in etching the lives of the main characters of the story.

Let’s see a quick description of the main characters of the story:

Homer: Homer is the father and the head of the family. He is a safety inspector at the Springfield Nuclear power plant. He is characterized as a buffoonish person who is carefree and negligible.

Marge: Marge is married to Homer and plays the role of a typical American house wife. She takes care of everybody’s need and the well-being of the house. Together the couple has three children who are Bart, Lisa and Maggie.

Bart: Bart is a typical representation of a 10-year old kid who loves fun in all wrong senses and ends up being a troublemaker of the town.

Lisa: Every Bart-like kid has a precocious and disciplined sister and Lisa, the eight-year-old little sister, goes a step ahead and plays the role of a little activist of the town.

Maggie: Though this character occasionally speaks, the mere screen presence keeps the audience entertained. Maggie is the last child of the family, who doesn’t talk except for certain cases, through the pacifier.

One cannot forget their pets, the cat and the dog who are called Santa’s Little Helper and Snowball-V respectively.

The Game:

Knifey Spooney is a game played by Bart and an Australian Man in the series. Now that you know what Bart is capable of, he plays a prank on the man who is in the bar and calls a knife a spoon. The game reaches a point where the man relents, making Bart the winner. This is how the game came into existence. Today a lot of people slip into the shoes of Bart and play this game.

The Top 5 Cartoons of All Time!


There are a lot of cartoons and animated series that are aired on the television. However, the best cartoons of the century were enjoyed by the kids who belong to the 90’s. The cartoons that formed a part of the 1990s were the best cartoons of the time. All the cartoons that were aired from 1991 to 2000 were all so informative and genuinely funny. Though all of them are great in their own way, few cartoons still rule the hearts of the millions of youngsters which are listed below:

Looney Tunes

Dexter’s Laboratory:

Dexter’s laboratory also shortly called as the Dexter’s Lab was created for Cartoon Network by Genndy Tartakvsky. The story focusses on a little boy named Dexter, who is a boy-genius and an inventor. He has an invention setup in the basement of his house. It is the first series of the Cartoon Network which had Cartoon-cartoons. This Cartoon received widespread critical acclaim and high ratings.

Tom and Jerry:

Tom and Jerry is an American animated series featuring the chaotic humor of a cat and a mouse with madcap slapstick. The show was loved by young and old alike that it became synonymous with the word ‘cartoon.’ It came into existence in the year 1940. It was created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. During the year 1958, the show won seven Academy Awards and later in the years 1961 and 1962 it became the highest grossing animated series overtaking Looney Tunes.

Looney Tunes:

Looney Tunes produced by Warner Bros is again an American animated series. It came into existence in the year 1930, and the original series continued till 1969. This period is considered as the Golden Age as far as the cartoons are concerned. Looney Tunes was inspired by the musical series of Walt Disney, the ‘Silly Symphonies.’ It was initially released in the short film version. All its global reach and success, the story was later turned into animation series.

Scooby Doo:

‘Scooby Doo Where are you!’ is an American television cartoon series that was launched in the year 1969. The original series of the cartoon was aired for two years, from 1969 to 1970. Later to that a lot of versions of the cartoon were developed and never failed to entertain kids and teens alike. The cartoon focusses on Scooby, the dog, and four other teens. The five as a team end up finding a mystery machine. The series focusses on what happens when they are looking into the facts of the machine and its consequences.  : A bunch of Hollywood movies that were inspired by this cartoon series also came out.

SpongeBob Square Pants:

SpongeBob, as it is shortly called, is an American animated series. It was created by a marine biologist and animator Stephen Hillenburg for Nickelodeon. SpongeBob is a small yellow sea sponge that lives in the Pacific Ocean. The story is about how the character gets over the unforeseen troubles that he faces and lives happily. It is the highest rated series to ever air on Nickelodeon. The media has also earned more than $12 Billion as a part of launching and airing this series as of 2015.

DC Vs. Marvel: After All These Years, We Have A Clear Winner!

DC Vs. Marvel

During the yester years, comic-book movies were not something that you get to see very often.  Even the films that were released brought down the glory of our very own super heroes that people hated the idea of watching comic-book movies. Then out of the blue something magical happened. Movies like Super Man, Spider Man among many others found their way to the big screen and won the hearts of multitude. Since then the love for super –hero movies hasn’t gone down a bit. The two big production houses that are a hub of these all these comic characters are DC and Marvels. There has always been competition as to who is better. Now with the growth of technology the reach has gotten better and with the increased use of social media, the rivalry is found both on and off the screen between makers and their respective fans and followers.

DC Vs. Marvel

Role of Walt Disney in Marvel:

Before Walt Disney could purchase Marvel, Marvel had its right distributed among various other entities such as Sony, Universal, etc. The biggest demerit was that people were able to enjoy the partnership of their favorite super-heroes only in the written format and not on the big screen. This was the biggest issue that was solved when Walt Disney wholly bought the rights of Marvel in the year 2009. Iron Man was the first Marvel character that struck a chord with the movie-goers. His collaboration with the other Marvel Heroes made people fall in love with the idea of super hero tie-ups on screen.

Marvel vs. DC:

  • DC has always had the upper hand because of the DC heroes Super Man and Bat Man. However, people today are out of the shell. People love Iron Man as much as they love Super Man. They are trying to personalize with characters like Black Widow and Hawkeye.
  • People have learned to appreciate the X-Men series, Avengers series and the Guardians of the Galaxy as well. So as far the primary heroes and second-tier heroes are concerned, Marvel takes the trophy home.
  • As far as these comic villains are concerned, DC has ‘Joker’ to its name. Hands down, with Joker in the track, no one else even wants to compete. Joker is that one Villain no one wants to hate. So undoubtedly DC wins here.
  • In case if you might be interested to know, there was a comic book that was released in the year 1996. It was a limited series and did rounds for a couple of months before vanishing into thin air. Though the book isn’t alive anymore the idea behind was great. DC and Marvel collaborated and released the series. The books speak nothing of their competition or rivalry. The book just personifies these legends as two Godly brothers who become aware of each other’s presence and try to find out who is the best by letting their respective heroes meet each other for a face off. The series came to an end when these fictional brothers realized that both are important for each other’s survival and withdrew along with their pack.

Present Scenario:

Asking to pick one between the two is like asking to pick your favorite eye. Both DC and Marvel Comics have been great contributors to art and literature. Both of them are highly imperative to keep the fiction world active. So there is no way choosing one over the other.

All that you have to Know about the Knifey Spoony Game!

Knifey Spoony

Knifey Spoony is a verbal game that has been gaining a lot of popularity in the recent times. To know more about Knifey Spoony one has to know the cartoon ‘Simpsons.’ For those of you who do not know the history of the game, Knifey Spoony is a game that came into existence after a particular episode of the cartoon that was aired on the television. In the episode, the characters play the game. It has no logic, but it was still fun. This made all the viewers try the game at least once. The game is very simple, so there are no hard and fast rules as far as playing the game is concerned, but there are certain things that you ought to remember before playing the game. Let us see what those points are.

Knifey Spoony

Knifey Spoony:

  • There are two competitors involved in the game. The players are given with spoon and knives.
  • The winner of the game is the one with the largest knife at the end of the session or the game.
  • So the knife with the largest blade is the winner. However, this might not be the ends of it at times.
  • Sometimes a spoon can be given instead of a knife. The player cannot ignore the arrival of the spoon in the event of playing the game. So when the player gets a spoon, all that he has to do is to convince the other person that the given object is a knife and not a spoon.
  • The more the person says that it is a spoon you are losing points. The only rule is that you shouldn’t let the other player say the word ‘spoon.’
  • Finally, if you get the person to admit that this isn’t a spoon but a knife, you win the game.
  • This is one of the widely played pub games. Yes, you heard it right. This game is a commonly played pub game in Australia. Since this is a debate game, there are both solved and unsolved debates.

The beginning of this game is sometimes completely unbelievable. You can’t play some random game, just because few characters played those games in a cartoon series that you watch. But to our great astonishment, that is the truth. Simpsons is one of the widely loved and watched cartoon series. So the arrival of the game is justified by many. It is an even more laughable fact that this game is gaining popularity every single day and the people playing it are increasing.

The Top 5 Comic Books Of 2017


All of us have reached a point where we have lost the taste of reading comic novels or should I say the comics have lost their flavor? Below listed are the best picks as of 2017. Read them and see for yourself how comic novels work.

The best we could do:

With this title on the cover of the book, you would probably expect it to be an autobiographical novel or a visual memoir. This book is nothing like that. It is a library that brings to new an entirely new collection of stories that overflow with a peculiar sense of humor. This book is written by Thi Bui and is published by Abrams.


My favorite thing is Monsters:

The book is written by Emil Ferris and is published by Fantagraphics. Focussing on the current and also satisfying more of the conventional expectations such as Holocaust literature, Detective Fiction, monster movies and children’s literature. This book also tries to answer the most basic question that comes to our mind when we think of monsters, ‘Are monsters for real or are they a myth?’ It also demonstrates for why children need not have to fear monsters. The book answers it all with so much complexity in simple, understandable language.


Boundless written by Jillian Tamaki and published by Drawn and Quarterly, it is a series of short stories talking about things like technology and culture both through a conventional and contemporary prism. The author has also proven to be one of the finest cartoonists of this generation. You can picture his words, and his pictures speak a thousand words.

Shattered Warrior:

Shattered Warrior is a graphic novel written by Sharon Shinn. The novel centers on the life of a young girl Colleen, who is left alone without a family. The story depends on the decision that she makes, that is whether to fight off the enemies or learn to live with the way life has changed. She puts her foot down and takes part in the underground revolution, and the rest of the story is how she takes down the enemies and restores peace.

Terms and Conditions:

This book has already created a history for itself. It is simply not the 20699 words of the iTunes terms and conditions converted into a book; it is much more than that. Most of us do not read the terms and conditions. We go through a lot of sites every day and process a lot of information. It is practically not possible to read the terms and conditions. So this comic book is going to help us understand how terms and conditions work, with a lot of humor in it.