90s animated shows

The 90s is still considered as the golden age for animated shows, with many young adults still feeling that today’s cartoons and animated shows don’t match up to the 90s. The reasons being that the animated shows then were about the storylines and the script mixed in with great voice actors doing a remarkable job but today’s animated shows are more focused on the money that can be minted by introducing a very commercial angle to the shows. Today we explore some of the greatest 90s animated shows.

  1. Simpsons

The Simpsons is the longest-running show in the history of television; there is quite simple no show that stands on par with this juggernaut. The show has evolved and reinvented itself countless times without losing out on its old-school charm. And let’s not even get into how many things Simpsons have accurately predicted through the years.

  1. Dexter’s Laboratory

The show is about a mad genius who has a state of the art laboratory in his room and has plans to take over the world, sounds too serious for the young audience, doesn’t it? So to make it more viewer friendly, let’s add in a sister who likes to have fun at the expense of her younger sibling. That ladies and gentleman is the story of one of the greatest animated shows in history. If you look back on it now, you end up sympathising with almost every character, and that is the mark of a great show, which has captured our hearts and continued to do so.

  1. Tiny Toon Adventures

What is better than seeing your favourite bunch of loony toons, well tiny toon adventures brings you all the fun is a baby-sized package. With ample amounts of cuteness that appeals to a wide range of audience, this show truly captured the essence of the 90s.


  1. South Park

Most people tend to believe that South Park is more of a new-age show, but the ever controversial show has been around the block for some time now. It truly stands out as a show because of the concepts that are explored in the series. The ever controversial show is one that is loved by adults to this day.

The 90s were a remarkable time in television history; this list will never do justice to anyone who reads it since they will always have their preferred list. Regardless of the shows that this article explored, let’s take a moment to appreciate how much fun the 90s really was.