DC Vs. Marvel

DC Vs. Marvel: After All These Years, We Have A Clear Winner!

During the yester years, comic-book movies were not something that you get to see very often.  Even the films that were released brought down the glory of our very own super heroes that people hated the idea of watching comic-book movies. Then out of the blue something magical happened. Movies like Super Man, Spider Man among many others found their way to the big screen and won the hearts of multitude. Since then the love for super –hero movies hasn’t gone down a bit. The two big production houses that are a hub of these all these comic characters are DC and Marvels. There has always been competition as to who is better. Now with the growth of technology the reach has gotten better and with the increased use of social media, the rivalry is found both on and off the screen between makers and their respective fans and followers.

DC Vs. Marvel

Role of Walt Disney in Marvel:

Before Walt Disney could purchase Marvel, Marvel had its right distributed among various other entities such as Sony, Universal, etc. The biggest demerit was that people were able to enjoy the partnership of their favorite super-heroes only in the written format and not on the big screen. This was the biggest issue that was solved when Walt Disney wholly bought the rights of Marvel in the year 2009. Iron Man was the first Marvel character that struck a chord with the movie-goers. His collaboration with the other Marvel Heroes made people fall in love with the idea of super hero tie-ups on screen.

Marvel vs. DC:

  • DC has always had the upper hand because of the DC heroes Super Man and Bat Man. However, people today are out of the shell. People love Iron Man as much as they love Super Man. They are trying to personalize with characters like Black Widow and Hawkeye.
  • People have learned to appreciate the X-Men series, Avengers series and the Guardians of the Galaxy as well. So as far the primary heroes and second-tier heroes are concerned, Marvel takes the trophy home.
  • As far as these comic villains are concerned, DC has ‘Joker’ to its name. Hands down, with Joker in the track, no one else even wants to compete. Joker is that one Villain no one wants to hate. So undoubtedly DC wins here.
  • In case if you might be interested to know, there was a comic book that was released in the year 1996. It was a limited series and did rounds for a couple of months before vanishing into thin air. Though the book isn’t alive anymore the idea behind was great. DC and Marvel collaborated and released the series. The books speak nothing of their competition or rivalry. The book just personifies these legends as two Godly brothers who become aware of each other’s presence and try to find out who is the best by letting their respective heroes meet each other for a face off. The series came to an end when these fictional brothers realized that both are important for each other’s survival and withdrew along with their pack.

Present Scenario:

Asking to pick one between the two is like asking to pick your favorite eye. Both DC and Marvel Comics have been great contributors to art and literature. Both of them are highly imperative to keep the fiction world active. So there is no way choosing one over the other.