The Best Cartoons Ever

What would TV be without your childhood cartoons? In fact, some cartoons way back then, we’re talking about the 50’s to early 2000’s, are probably considered better than anything made today. Unless, we’re talking about Family Guy, which are for adults only, kids…

Nevertheless, some of the best cartoons are still on the air and have been for many years. The following list determines the very peaks of your childhood and all the memories and entertainment that made you laugh on so many occasions. And, for some, still.

Cartoons – the Most-Loved

The Simpsons

Probably the most known cartoon of all, The Simpsons started way back in 1989 and is still till today, considered one of the most successful cartoons on air and in the history of all cartoons. Although Springfield is still a mystery to us and we’d really like to know where it is, the list of interesting characters makes this cartoon the best to watch. With characters like Marge, Bart, Lisa. Homer, Maggie, as well as their friends and family, after 500 episodes, we’re sure you still love this show.

Looney Tunes

As one of the most successful cartoons in the business, with movies dating back since the 1930’s, Looney Tunes brings you the ever-famous Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety, Tom & Jerry and many more of your favourites cartoon characters up until this day. Will Looney Tunes ever be discontinued? We think not.


Derived from Charles M. Schulz’s comic strip. This cartoon became a sensation ever since it was released back in the 1960’s. It included unforgettable holiday specials which, let’s face it, were pretty epic. These included ‘It’s the Great Pumpkin’, ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’, as well as ‘Charlie Brown’. If you’re a bit younger and those don’t ring a bell, they also created Snoopy, as well as the adventures of the long-suffering Chuck.


Scooby Doo

Probably noticed as one of the most famous cartoon characters all around the world, Scooby Doo stole our heart in many different decades, starting in the late 1960’s. No one, especially the creators of this hit sensation, would’ve ever thought that one cartoon character would have such a big impact on children and even till this day, some adults. This cartoon is still till today ever-growing, and we don’t think that it will ever stop.



Although there have been many different versions of this specific character, society just can’t kick Batman, as well as his crew and enemies. Bruce Wayne has definitely set the standard for superhero cartoons throughout the years.

SpongeBob SquarePants

Ever since it starts in 1999, reigning up until now, this yellow sponged character has brought much joy to the lives of our kids and our own. With many different interesting characters, we’re pretty sure that Bikini Bottom will remain a favourite forever.

Family Guy

This cartoon, which sometimes seems like a show larger than life, has kept us entertained ever since 1999. Although it took a break between 2002 and 2005, it came back with a bang and includes a couple of famous voices that the cartoon world most definitely fell in love with. Considered one of the best of the best for sure.