The Highest Grossing Animated Movies of All Time

Taking a look at animated movies, there has been a massive trend over the last decade or two, that completely changed and heightened our expectations of ‘a good animated film’. If you think about films that even started it all way back in 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, everything just seemed to get better and better.
With that being said, another thing that has added even more excitement to the mix is the many new characters that came after some of the most popular movies of all time. These include The Lion King, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Mulan, Pocahontas, Snow White and so many more.

When you look at animated films now, these characters are not only interesting to kids but have attracted a whole new audience of adults to and since this is the case, it has also allowed for the creation and production of some pretty high-grossing films. Due to interest though, which films are considered the highest grossing in the world and what’s next for Disney? How can they continue topping their previous film and set the bar even higher than ever before?  We guess we’ll never know, but we’re pretty sure they’ll do it.

The Highest Grossing Animated Movies of All Time


Kicking it off with the very famous Frozen, you guessed it… It’s the highest grossing film that’s ever been made and concluded a massive $1,274,219,009 in 2013. How’s that for success at the box office? The movie itself, however, wasn’t the only means of income, but it was also extremely successful when it came to the sales of its merchandise, as well as its music. I mean, who will ever forget ‘Let it go’?


It’s without a doubt that this animation is one of our favourites. Gracing the screens all around the globe, the animated film, Minions made up to $1,159,398,397 in 2015. This film made more money than the yellow men’s origin movie, Despicable Me, as well as Despicable Me 2.



Toy Story 3

When Pixar created three different Toy Story’s, who knew that the third would bring in a total of $1,063,171,911. Made in 2010, along with its sales of merchandise, Toy Story 3 ranked as the third highest grossing film globally.

Finding Dory

Ah, Dory… Who could forget, except for Dory, the blue fish that stole our hearts? Making a total of $1,026,337,708 in 2016 at the box office, we’re pretty convinced that the film was successful.


Recognized as one insanely cute movie, Disney created a charming film that stuck to our hearts like glue. Its characters were definitely its main attraction and allowed for the film to make $1,023,191,334 in 2016. Most definitely a worthy pick!

Other films that grossing a total of just below a billion dollars was Despicable 2 and 3, The Lion King, Finding Nemo, Shrek 2, Ice Age’s Dawn of the Dinosaurs, as well as Continental Drift to name but a few.