The Top 5 Comic Books Of 2017

All of us have reached a point where we have lost the taste of reading comic novels or should I say the comics have lost their flavor? Below listed are the best picks as of 2017. Read them and see for yourself how comic novels work.

The best we could do:

With this title on the cover of the book, you would probably expect it to be an autobiographical novel or a visual memoir. This book is nothing like that. It is a library that brings to new an entirely new collection of stories that overflow with a peculiar sense of humor. This book is written by Thi Bui and is published by Abrams.


My favorite thing is Monsters:

The book is written by Emil Ferris and is published by Fantagraphics. Focussing on the current and also satisfying more of the conventional expectations such as Holocaust literature, Detective Fiction, monster movies and children’s literature. This book also tries to answer the most basic question that comes to our mind when we think of monsters, ‘Are monsters for real or are they a myth?’ It also demonstrates for why children need not have to fear monsters. The book answers it all with so much complexity in simple, understandable language.


Boundless written by Jillian Tamaki and published by Drawn and Quarterly, it is a series of short stories talking about things like technology and culture both through a conventional and contemporary prism. The author has also proven to be one of the finest cartoonists of this generation. You can picture his words, and his pictures speak a thousand words.

Shattered Warrior:

Shattered Warrior is a graphic novel written by Sharon Shinn. The novel centers on the life of a young girl Colleen, who is left alone without a family. The story depends on the decision that she makes, that is whether to fight off the enemies or learn to live with the way life has changed. She puts her foot down and takes part in the underground revolution, and the rest of the story is how she takes down the enemies and restores peace.

Terms and Conditions:

This book has already created a history for itself. It is simply not the 20699 words of the iTunes terms and conditions converted into a book; it is much more than that. Most of us do not read the terms and conditions. We go through a lot of sites every day and process a lot of information. It is practically not possible to read the terms and conditions. So this comic book is going to help us understand how terms and conditions work, with a lot of humor in it.